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Beautiful Balloon decorations, Bulk balloon delivery for Chicago and suburbs. Balloon Decorations are amazing ,fun and exciting.
We specialize in Balloon decorations for Corporate events and Weddings.

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Balloon Castle on Stage
  • Clover
Carousel Horse
  • Carousel Horse
Princess Carriage
  • Princess Carriage
Corporate Logo
  • Corporate Logo
Balloon Column
  • Balloon Column
Custom Gift Box
  • Custom Gift Box
Balloon Arch
  • Balloon Arch
Minnie Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Moose
Balloon Princess Carriage
  • Balloon Princess Carriage
Walk Through Star Arch
  • Walk Through Star Arch
80's Column
  • 80's Column
  • Seahorse
Easter Bunny
  • Easter Bunny
Clown Sculpture
  • Clown Sculpture
Sports Theme
  • Sports Theme
Patriotic Arch
  • Patriotic Arch
  • Archway
Balloon Decorations Chicago
  • Balloon Decorations Chicago
Pool Party
  • Pool Party
Balloon Decorations Chicago
  • Balloon Decorations Chicago
Star Arch
  • Star Arch

Patriotic Arch
  • Patriotic Arch
  • Archway
Pool Party
  • Pool Party
Canopy Arch
  • Canopy Arch

Balloon Decorations

Balloon Arches

Are a very inexpensive way to add excitement , color ,life ,beauty to any party, event venue. That’s why we started makin memories to add beauty life color excitement to are events and that branched out into your event’s. Balloon arches are a great way to make a first impression to your guests there are so many different types and styles to choose from and choosing the right one will make a difference to your guests. The swirl arch is the best but most expensive. Then there is a fishbone arch because it looks like the spine of a fish but don’t let that fool you it is one of the most beautiful arches it is not as expensive as the swirl arch but is up there in price because of the labor. Most costs are labor we all know balloons are cheap by them selves.(show pic of fishbone arch here?). Next is the link-a-loon arch very cute not for a wedding or a corporate event more for a birthday party, church function, carnival, festival, dance recital quinceanera bar/bat mitzvah Trade shows corporate meeting, company picnics. Next we have a string of pearl arch which is the cheapest and most fun this is for all event it adds elegance for wedding , fun for birthday parties you can easily changeable you could add a name In between it.

Balloon Columns

Are a great way to add elegance, excitement, color , life just like arches but are a lot less expensive and are more easily transferable or moveable they make great entry way attention grabbers saying .Hay the event is over here there are different styles to choose from for wedding you would go with smaller balloons to make it more elegant and you could change the sizes up a little to give it a different look her are some examples of some different looks you could do with a column.

Balloon Centerpieces

Are what makes your event or venue ,party the main focal point so this is what you want to be the best. Do not skimp or be cheap about this product .Your guests are going to be sitting infront of your centerpiece for hours talking to each other and they will comment on the centerpiece you could count on it . What ever they say remember you cant please everyone so stay to your budget but allow most of your budget for your centerpieces,. This can be basic a weight and 3 balloons to the imagination of your designer that is why you hired them in the first place for there creativity. If you choose a good award winning designer all you have to do is tell them the theme the budget and an special interests and let them go they will come up with something very unique and special that your guests will talk about at the table and not you.
Centerpieces could be flowers lights almost anything choosing the right one is very important because they will change the scenery they can give the room a fun feel ,festive fell, a elegant feel , even a boring feel. So remember don’t skimp on centerpieces no matter if you do it your self or call a professional.

Balloon Sculptures

Are art made out of balloons I cant tell you how much fun and attention grabbers balloon sculptures are for any venue or event they add that special wow this person went all out on this party and that you put a lot of thought and planning into the venue , sculptures are pure fun , excitement and attention grabbers from the moment they are placed at the party or venue .You could be so very creative and if they are in your budget you should definitely get one but since they are like art they are only for people who have a budget for them this is going the extra mile in the planning and decorating stage for the party a most have if budget.

Corporate Balloon Decorations

Are a must for your venues. Office parties are dull and boring without them People just want to have fun not listen to other people talk so if you are the volunteer office party planner or event planner you need to get balloons they add a lot of fun and atmosphere you can be sure your colleagues Are talking about the party before during and after. We always have fun active organized parties for everyone to follow for smooth flow schedule or plan activities to keep there attention for we all loose attention pretty fast when it is boring. So plan create think fun get balloons imprinted get confetti cannons exploding balloons sculptures arches columns games bounce houses for the kids think of everyone for what type of event school function product launch company picnic sporting event holiday party office party think of everyone and all angles or hire a professional to handle it if your budget allows.

Balloon Delivery

One of the most forgot about things for the do it your self person is how are you going to get all those balloons in the car? Pay for delivery it is worth the extra money. Your time is valuable. Then there is the balloon bouquets. There are becoming more and more popular people are starting to understand how much fun and exciting balloon deliveries are for everyone adults and kids alike. They could be with or without a theme or message they can be personalized made unique fun colorful exciting in different sizes and styles colors get crazy and creative and let the company deliver for you that’s there specialty and they have plenty of items to create that perfect bouquet for just the right person. Bulk balloon delivery is are specialty so if you don’t have a van or truck call us we would love to take care of that for you. You have enough on your mind already

Special Effects

These are the icing on the cake so to speak they add that extra touch or energy and excitement.
You can use lights for a special look or even feel for a event. you could add fog for a different type of feel and look. A lot of people don’t think of sound as a effect but it could arouse feelings and bring people to moments back in time special attention should be thought about in all these effects and you should contact a company you specializes in these areas because each special effect adds a certain touch and feel even mood to the event so you don’t want to mix and match with opposites consult a professional . Tulle is another special look and feel depending on your event or venue . we enjoy adding confetti cannons for the venues everyone loves looking up and letting confetti fall on them is says I am here in the middle of the party and it feels and looks good . and last but not least is smell you want everything to smell clean and fresh you could have the best of everything and if it doesn’t smell good well you get the idea.

Balloon Drops and Balloon Releases

Balloon drops /releases are great for weddings and new years eve parties it is just like confetti cannons I want to get under it and feel them fall on me cause I was there .They are a great feel good and fun looking action. Balloon drops on the first dance make great video remembrance. Plus all the kids love to hear the popping of the balloons. Balloon releases are for product launches, surprise gift boxes when they open it . It is fun watching them float away and are very popular at weddings and sporting events it make for a festive feel and atmosphere. so if your getting married get a balloon drop at the reception and a balloon gift box release at the ceremony they make great video remembrance

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